The quickest way to find out your SEO competition is to search for your target keyword on Google. The website that appears at the top of the organic search results for that keyword is the best competitor, so take a closer look at that web page.

What keywords are attracting visitors, what are the title, description, and H1, what kind of text, images, videos, and other content is on the page, how much volume is on the page, how often is it updated, and how many internal and external links are there, etc. Once I have completed each of these checkpoints, I will fill in the gaps between the client’s website and the competitor’s website. If I find that the client’s website does not have enough content, I will increase the content, and if I find that the client’s website does not have enough internal links, I will increase the internal links.

After that, I will monitor the target keywords for several months to see if they are improving in search rankings. I will continue to monitor your site so that you can achieve the number one position. If the clients’ websites are still not ranked #1 after a few months, it means that something is still missing, and I will continue to work on finding it and closing the gap.