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Japanese content marketing and SEO

I’m a Japanese web content marketer based in Yokohama.

I specialize in content marketing in Japan. I help Japanese and international companies to expand their website recognition by using Japanese content and SEO analysis.

I can create your website content by scratch or use your English content.

I create the contents with high search volume keywords so that you can get more customers to your website.


Design app company: impressions + 800% and singup volume +200%

Health care company: impressions + 600% and inquiries + 400%

Software company: impressions + 700% and singup volume + 150%


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If you are experiencing a lack of inquiries from your Japanese website, or if your English page is getting a lot of impressions, but your Japanese webpage is not getting enough, your Japanese content may not match the Japanese audience.

If you have such problems, please contact me.

I will provide you with the best Japanese content for your website.

My work

I grow your online impressions increase the number of conversions with great Japanese content.

I have SEO experience such as Healthcare, Cybersecurity, Software, Application, Food Beverage, SaaS, Automobile, Insurance, Logistics, Finance, High brand business verticals.

my work



Japanese content marketing – healthcare equipment manufacturer

Content marketing for a manufacturer of healthcare-related research equipment. Website renewal based on SEO analysis and competitor analysis. Continued expansion of the website with detailed product information, how-to articles, product features, blog post, function-specific pages, and content such as images, videos, and instructional videos.


Japanese content marketing – global case law database company

Japanese content marketing and SEO for a start-up company building a global law case database. When the Japanese version of the website was redesigned, I revised the title, description, URL, site structure, Alt tags, and added Japanese content to each page. Once the new website was stable, we added guest posts from industry experts on a regular basis to attract a wide range of visitors from relevant keywords related to the industry.


Japanese Content Marketing – Global Software Company

Japanese content marketing for a global software company. Started with keyword research and optimized the current Japanese website content with keywords with high search volume. Then, based on the results of the keyword research, increased the web content in order of keywords with high search volume and high conversions, creating Japanese content for approximately 80 web pages in 4 months. The project is still ongoing and impressions continue to increase.


I have worked with more than 100 companies and I have completed more than 300 projects.


My service

Japanese content marketing

Japanese content marketing

Contents SEO for the Japanese audience

Contents SEO for the Japanese audience

Localize English content to Japanese with SEO

Localize English content to Japanese with SEO

FAQ for Japanese SEO

Which search engine is most used in Japan?2023-05-12T08:40:32+00:00

Google is the most used search engine in Japan.

Japan’s search engine market share is below.


Google 72.3%
Bing 16.8%
Yahoo! 9.86%





However, AI is gaining momentum in Japan and this share may change in the future.

What kind of SEO should I do for Yahoo? What is the difference between Google and Yahoo?2023-05-20T08:26:20+00:00

Yahoo is a local search engine in Japan, but Yahoo actually uses Google’s search algorithm. Therefore, there is not much difference in rankings between Google and Yahoo.
Yahoo has been using Google’s search algorithm since 2010, so there is no difference in ranking from Google.


It may differ depending on the timing of the search. Also, Yahoo ads and Yahoo’s own services are displayed in organic search results, so they look different.
For SEO in Japan, you only need to care about Google.

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