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Japanese Keyword Research

Keyword Research – For High Brand Fashion

Keyword Research - For High Brand Fashion
Japanese Keyword Research High Brand Fashion

Keyword Research – Work Details

Keyword Research - Work Details

Japanese Keyword Research

  • Identify new keyword candidates from existing pages and product categories

  • Select relevant keywords from the keyword candidates
  • Apply keyword categories and keyword clusters to each keyword
  • Research the search volume for each keyword
  • Back-translate the keywords
  • Create a keyword report for each product category
  • Select target keywords

Keyword Research – Details

Keyword Research - Details

I picked up keyword candidates for each product category for use in the page structure, meta, H1, etc. when renewing the Japanese website of a global high-brand fashion company. After picking up new keyword candidates, I sorted the keywords by product category and cluster and researched the search volume of the keywords.
Back translate the keywords into English and create a keyword report for each product category.
The keyword reports are then used for website development.

Keyword Research – Results

Keyword Research - Details

In the new keyword research phase, I researched over 20,000 keywords. I then selected approximately 5,200 keywords that had search volume and matched the brand.
The keyword report was created by picking up “brand-related keywords” and candidate keywords for each product category. The product categories were sorted into 6 categories, and 10 to 30 subcategories of keywords were created within each product category.

Keyword candidates
Final keywords


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