Why design is important for a website?

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Why design is important for a website?

The website is a great way to attract customers, introduce the company’s products and services, provide up-to-date information, and address customers’ concerns. A website is an important tool for selling products and solving customer’s problems.
However, it’s not enough to just create a website. The design of your website is also important, and the design of your website will help you to increase the number of product sales, new inquiries, user registrations, and other factors. So the website design has a significant impact on the number of sales.
First impressions of your website are especially important when new users visit it for the first time. It determines what kind of impression the customer will have of your product.
In this article, I’m going to explain exactly why the design of your website is so important.

You can impress your products/services with the website design.

There are many websites these days. Of course, your competitors are also having their websites to attract customers. If your website design is not good and your website doesn’t leave a good impression on your customers, customers may choose competitors’ products and services.

There is data that shows about half of the consumers who often use websites to purchase products, stop visiting a website because of the not good website design. Also, some customers may not buy a product right away, but they will buy it later… But if the website isn’t impressive, they won’t remember your website, so even if they want to buy it later, they may not be able to get to your website.

So, whether you are looking at the website design from a short or long term perspective, it’s important to impress your customers with your company’s services and products by the impressive website design.

The color of the website changes the purchase rate.

Does your website have a disjointed color scheme or is it almost black and white?

Color has a very significant effect. For example, black is a color that enhances the feeling of luxury and sense of the design, so it is often used for websites that sell such as electronic devices or audio devices targeted at men. The saturation color is also used on websites for children’s clothing because it gives a pop impression. 

If you are using a different color than your product’s impression or your target audience, even if it’s a very good product, consumers may not buy your products. You can change consumer behavior simply by creating a website with a focus on color.

Low visibility on your website will reduce your purchase rate.

Even if you have a lot of information on your website about the benefits of your products and your commitment to them. If it’s hard to see, they won’t read to the end. If you want to convey 100% of the benefits of your product and get more buyers, you need to make sure your website looks the way it should.

For example, you need to make good use of space to make important information stand out, font, font size, icons, etc., If you use photos and illustrations in addition to text, you can tell your products’ information more easily to the customers. Such small tweaks to your design can lead to higher purchase rates and more inquiries.

An easy-to-use website increases purchase rates.

No matter how well designed your website is, customers won’t buy the difficult to use the website. For example, the customer won’t know where to buy, the purchase button is difficult to press, or the website’s loading speed is slow, users will leave the website.

Of course, it’s important to focus on the look and feel of your website, but it’s useless if your website is difficult to use. Think about the visitor’s path through your website and create a link from the product description to the purchase page, or from the landing page to the new product page, and so on.

Website design can give you a sense of trust.

Some people think that the design of the website doesn’t matter as long as the quality of the product is good, but when you are introducing a product online, no matter how good the product is, if you don’t explain it well, the information itself may be in doubt.

The customers always worried about online shopping like receiving a different product than what is described on the website, or whether my credit card information is secure, etc. Customers are always anxious about the website, wondering if it is okay, etc., A well-designed website can create a sense of trust about the product and company, so customers are more likely to buy with confidence.

A website design that fits your target audience will increase your purchase rate.

You can increase the purchase rate of your target audience by designing your website to match your target user. If your website design is designed to appeal to everyone, or not to be designed to fit your product’s target audience. purchase rate will not increase. In order to ensure that the design appeal with the target audience.

The design of your website should be fit for purpose.

Some people think that if they have a website, they can promote their products and increase the purchase rate of their products. There may be some. But in reality, There is no such thing like your product sales go up immediately after you create your website, or new inquiries are as an increase.

If your website is not designed well, it will be buried under a lot of other websites and will not be found by customers, or you will miss out on customers who come to your website.

If you want your customers to make a purchase, you need to ensure that your website is easy to read and use. It is important to have a structure that motivates people to buy. Make sure that the design is appropriate for your service and increase the purchase rate of your product.