What type of questions should I ask a web designer?

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What type of questions should I ask a web designer?

The procedure of designing your new website might be a dream come true, or a constant nightmare. The process of making a layout is full of questions related to color, typesetting and even its uniqueness.  Web design demands for endless decisions, and that’s what the given following questions are supposed to help you resolve your problems.

  1. So when picking your designer, be sure to give their portfolio a browse, and ask yourself, if your site came out having a similar style and vibe, would you be happy?If both of your styles mesh together, perfect!
  2. Is the design distinctive and unique?With site templates in profusion, having a layout that’s unique and eye-catching is a must. Breaking the mold may improve your brand’s identity.
  3. Does the layout make sense? Whether you pick one column or three, a lot of scrolling or none, decisions on your pages’ visual hierarchy will directly affect readability.
  4. Is the content readable?Nothing is more important than content; if it’s legible and coherent, then your site users will be happy.
  5. You might ask your designer about their site build process.Designers who have been at it for a time will know their web design process like the back of their hand, and will recall it perfectly from memory. After all, they’ve gone through it a zillion times both telling potential clients about it, and completing work through that process.
  6. Ask a designer about her previous clients.Recommendations and reviews are generally pretty reliable, but if you really want to know that your potential designer is legit good at her work or not, feels free to ask to speak with a past client.
  7. Does the design scale at various resolutions?Displays are becoming bigger in size (bigger desktop monitors) and smaller (mobile devices) at the same time; make sure your work solidifies in all web-enabled devices. For mobile devices, take advantage of free tools for testing designs in mobile devices.
  8. How visible are links?Links have no purpose if they are hidden and not visible around the globe. Make sure you give in your full time to design your hyperlinks well.
  9. Do the colors give off the right feeling?Color is closely linked to emotion; a palette can be the difference between a fun-looking website and professional-looking one. What typography is best? As with color, typography has an impact on the website. Build your font mounds prudently and attentively and take time to expertise a masterful typography design.
  10. Ask if they have outsourced any work.You’ll have to make your own judgment call on the answer you get to this one. Sometimes outsourcing can be a good thing, sometimes it’s not. Time and again web designers are also asked for illustrations, custom made fonts, logo designs, copywriting, and custom web development. It’s particularly rare, in fact almost impossible, that one designer is an expert in all of these areas.